Prof. Bejon Kumar Misra

Prof. Bejon Kumar Misra International Consumer Policy Expert

Prof. Bejon Misra acquired his academic degree from Senior Cambridge Board and Business Management from BHU. He has been awarded "Distinguished Alumni Award" 2012 by BHU, The World No-Tobacco Day 2013 Award Winner, and South-East Asia Region of WHO.

He has a rich professional career with over 45 years of industry experience and is currently the chairman of New Era Patient Friendly Hospital Pvt. Ltd. He is also the founder director of Hamara Consumer Dost Pvt. Ltd., Patient Friendly and Access Initiative of India Foundation Pvt. Ltd. and Board Member, Sunil Healthcare Limited.

He has over 33 years of experience in consumer education and advocacy. Prof Misra is at present adviser to Institute of Medical Sciences BHU, Government of Odisha, Department of Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare (FS&CW). He is the Governing Board Member; Quality Council of India, Board Member NABH & NABET. In addition he has served as a member on expert committees including Mashelkar Committee for review of drugs regulatory system, Tandon Committee on the scientific and technological measures to counter spurious and sub-standard drugs to name a few. He has visited more than 35 countries as member of Country Delegations and Missions.